Mildenhall - 23/3/2019 @ 5pm

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Admission Prices are as follows : (Cash & Card at the turnstiles)

General Admission£17.00
Concession : (65yr’s & over) £14.00
Concession : Children (5-14yrs) £7.00
Family Ticket : 2 Adults & 3 Children£43.00

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

National Bangers

National Saloon Stock Cars



Mildenhall Raceway – Saturday 23rd March 2019 - Meeting Preview.

‘Saturday night is Race Night’ at Mildenhall Stadium on Saturday 23rd March, when Spedeworth / Mildenhall Motorsports proudly opens for another season of Oval Motorsport Action and presents a Triple Formula Feast Race Meeting featuring the National Saloon Stock Cars, National Bangers and the Brisca F2 Stock Cars bringing Race Fans another fantastic night of full contact racing.

We start with the National Saloon Stock Cars, competing here for the first time in 2019 in a year when their National Championship is staged here over the weekend of 15th and 16th June. The Formula has had some very entertaining meetings over the winter, in particular our South Coast track at Arlington so there might well be a score or two to be settled tonight through the ranks!
No doubt this will be yet another action packed and bruising session from a formula that has won so many fans over the years. At time of press, there are 26 cars booked in for this one, including locals Deane Mayes, Michael Allard, Tommy Barnes, ‘Diggy’ Smith – who recently debuted a very smart new car and Daniel Parker.

Moving on to the National Bangers, also very much part of proceedings here at West Row, this coming Saturday it is their Supreme Championship plus Round 1 of their 2017 Rear Wheel Drive Championship. There is 24 Qualifiers for this one plus an additional fantastic 70 Drivers all seeking to Qualify through the ‘last chance races’.
National Bangers have always been legendary at Mildenhall with some big hitter’s in the camp and there is the added bonus that with the unpredictability of the formula, it means literally anyone is capable of winning and if they are not concerned with winning, then they will be concerned with crashing!

To complete the billing, there is the return of the fantastic Brisca F2 Stock Cars with another big entry of 40 cars. These purpose built single seater Stock Cars are one of the quickest Formulas at Mildenhall and when the hits come in, they come in hard from this all action contact Formula!

Racing starts at 5:00pm, with turnstiles opening at 3:30pm. Facilities include covered Grandstands, banked terracing and catering outlets serving our world famous fish and chips and a number of other tasty snacks. Don’t forget to visit the Matt Bull Trackshop for all your souvenir full colour new Race Meeting Programmes, your favourite merchandise and – not to mention Matt’s superb photos for sale.

The Stadium also has plenty of toilets, ample car parking and spectator access to the pit area.

If you enjoy your visit, how about treating a friend to one of our Race Meetings by purchasing one of our Spedeworth / Incarace Experience Vouchers so they too can join in the fun? Please call our Aldershot Office on 01252 322920 for further details!

If you haven’t visited Mildenhall Stadium before, this meeting promises to be a good reason to attend and could be just the excuse needed to visit us as we look forward to you joining us on Saturday evening at Mildenhall Raceway!

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Booking List

Booking list as 22/03/2019, 4.30pm

National Bangers - Qualifiers - 24 cars

22 Dave Vincent
25 Joe Parsons
27 Dean Quinn
78 Lee Macey
124 Carl Korszeuski
162 Brett Ellacott
190 Steve Bailey
222 Colin Riddell
242 Rick Korpiela
247 Lee Clarke
267 James Steel
338 Terry Garrod
348 Sonny Sherwood
384 John Golden
456 Nathan Roberts
548 Alex Utting
570 Jordan Cumming
592 Mark Marchant
617 Jack Overy
623 Ricky Hutton
673 Darren Fendley
717 Jack Tuffen
830 Lee White
960 Ross Winsor

National Bangers - Last Chance - 74 cars

2 Georgie Lee
8 James Moreton
14 Joe Persico
16 Jack Wheatley
36 Ricky Lewis
43 Luke Maynard
57 Stuart Cumming
58 Joe Brown
59 Ryan Brown
84 Jack Ansell
90 Adrian Harbord
96 Amber Daniels
97 James Maddison
99 Alfie Hallett
103 Jack Deacon
122 Mark Cooper
123 Tony Hutton
146 Daniel Wigman
149 Wayne Bailey
160 Perry Willings
160 Shayn Winsor
161 Daniel Fisher
164 Gary Shaw
170 Chris Shipp
181 Grant Doe
187 Andy Marshall
200 Steve Noon
204 Charlie King
229 Dean Jarvis
276 Matthew Wright
284 James Head
309 Michael Lane
317 Calum Jacobs
321 Kieran Fry
322 Thomas Fox
326 Shane Lynn
328 Daniel Lathan
339 Jack Garrod
341 Andrew Jones
355 Martin Mullins
356 Harry Overy
388 Taylor Sowter
444 Charlie Jackson
449 Billy Crittenden
467 Sheldon Grimes
506 Danny Mitchell
518 Victor Bilkey
518 Aaron Parry
545 Carl Hough
556 Matt Tillow
558 Donald Stewart
577 Alfie Lee
590 Michael Galloway
597 Andy Ashman
599 Matt Butcher
606 Liam Weedon
632 Callum Reed
648 Jamie Beasley
661 Shaun Smith
662 Dalton Smith
699 Aaron Nelson
721 Daniel Clarke
725 Simon Bye
726 Sam Bye
733 Ricky Stroud
741 Charlie Daniels
753 Billy Cunningham
817 Kurt Jacobs
841 Philip Jennings
873 Kyle Roberts
888 Jake Smith
898 Andrew Battle
932 Rhys Reed
941 Jimmy Matthews

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars - 43 cars

12 Daniel Ford
26 Gary Ford
55 Courtney Finnikin
69 Ben Chalkley
70 Brian Shadbolt
78 Henry King
81 Mark Clayton
88 Stefan Miller
103 Chris van der Elst
124 Oliver Skeels
130 Emma Ford
131 Gary Leech
186 Ricardo Smidt
202 William Knight
209 Kevin Cope
210 Tristan Claydon
212 Jack Hall
226 Billy Webster
231 Matt Clayton
233 Rob Aldridge
235 Bradley Blyth
252 Sam Claxton
259 Simon Farrington
276 Chris Sutton
277 Billy Banwell
282 Anthony Riley
286 Ross Tyler
298 Jake Walker
344 Luke Woodhull
413 Richard Rayner
414 Josh Rayner
449 Mark Dorrill
560 Luke Wrench
606 Andrew Palmer
664 Martin Brown
715 Scott Aldridge
722 John Broatch
768 Jack Thompson
770 James Lamb
788 Stephen Mallinson
788 Stephen Mallinson
941 Jamie Lane
995 Michael Lund

National Saloon Stock Cars - 28 cars

2 Luke Dawson
12 Sam Bloomfield
26 Tommy Barnes
52 Stuart Tointon
116 Andrew (Diggy) Smith
120 Luke Dorling
131 Timmy Barnes
148 Ian Redden
172 Jack Rust
217 Sid Madgwick
270 Matthew Fuller
306 Daniel Parker
312 Neil Payne
316 Danny McCluskey
341 Austen Freestone
349 Michael Allard
350 Thomas Parrin
389 Ryan Santry
399 Cole Atkins
420 Ivan Street
450 Luke Jackson
525 Wesley Starmar
552 Karl Douglas
600 Barry Russell
610 Trent Arthurton
697 Jordan Cassie
730 Deane Mayes
888 Shane Emerson

NB: While we take all possible care in compiling this list we cannot be held responsible for the non-appearance of an individual driver!


Coming Events
- 23/ 3 - 5pm -
2019 Season Opener!!

National Bangers
Unlimited - Supreme Championship
& Rear-wheel Driver Qualifier Round 1

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

National Saloon Stock Cars

***E-Tickets Closed!***
Click Here for More Information

- 23/ 3 - 6pm -
Gold Rush Event 2

BriSCA V8 Stock Cars
Northern & Midland Round 1

National Ministox
National Championship Qualifier

***E-Tickets Closed!***
Click Here for More Information

- 30/ 3 - 5pm -
National Bangers
u2000cc - British Qualifying Round

ORCi Ministox


***E-Tickets Now Available!***
Click Here for More Information

- 6/ 4 - 5pm -
BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
World Qualifier

BriSCA V8 Stock Cars
John Cotterill Memorial

National Ministox
Whites & Yellows Championship Qualifier
plus Protech Challenge Qualifier

- 7/ 4 - 12noon -
Fast & Furious Round 2

BriSCA V8 Stock Cars
World Championship Qualifier

Junior Stoxkarts
Gold Top Qualifier

Micro F2 Stock Cars

Mini Super Twos


National Ministox
National Championship Qualifier

Josh Rogers Memorial Trophy
& Gold Top Qualifier


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