Northampton - Sat 27th & Sun 28th July - 2.30pm/12noon

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Spedeworth / Incarace are pleased to announce the advanced tickets for the 2019 European Championship Weekend at Northampton International Shaleway are now on sale!

This year there will be two ways to purchase your advanced tickets:-

Option 1:- You can order your tickets online and collect them from the stadium on the day of the event. Please use the link below to be re-directed to the online shop.

Option 2:- Tickets can be purchased by calling us on 01252 322920 and providing your details over the phone. Office hours are Monday Ė Friday, 9am to 5pm. Please note

Advanced 2 Day Ticket Admission Prices:-

General Admission : 15yrs & over£40.00
Concession : 65yrís & over£36.00
Concession : Children 5-14yrs£12.00

There is a £2.00 administration charge per order in advance. If ordering your tickets online, please ensure you select the COLLECTION option in the delivery section.

The camping charge is payable by ALL vehicles / units at £25.00 for the whole weekend, including Friday evening and you may stay on Sunday evening if you wish also.

Please note:- Advanced tickets in 2019 are only available to purchase for the two days. One day tickets must be purchased at the turnstiles each day. E-tickets are not applicable for the 2019 European Championship Weekend.

Advanced Tickets are available until Thursday 25th July at 4pm. Please Note:- There will be no tickets available to purchase at Northampton International Shaleway on Friday 5th July.

Admission prices at the turnstiles are as follows:-

General Admission : 15yrs & over£22.00
Concession : 65yrís & over£20.00
Concession : Children 5-14yrs£8.00

General Admission : 15yrs & over£25.00
Concession : 65yrís & over£23.00
Concession : Children 5-14yrs£8.00

We look forward to seeing all drivers, spectators and staff at the 2019 European Championship Weekend!

BriSCA F1 Stock Cars

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars



The bumpers will clang, the engines will rumble and the ground will shake as we head to Northamptonshireís historic motorsport venue - NORTHAMPTON Shaleway - for the annual BriSCA European Championship Weekend! The battle for the yellow and red checked roof starts on Saturday at 2:30pm, and donít forget about the party after the meeting in the marquee on the Home Straight to add the fun social atmosphere back to the weekend. This was a big success last year and this year we encourage fans and drivers alike to get involved. Sunday sees Championship day from 12noon.

The BriSCA F1 circus will travel to the Brafield venue with #84 Tom Harris as reigning champion. Harris is currently enjoying success in the World of Outlaw series in the USA - making history as the first driver ever from Europe to qualify for an A-Main feature race. He was also the man to beat in the UK in Spring as he took his fourth consecutive final win at Northampton, making him one of the favourites going into the weekend. Wins have also been taken at the venue this year by 515 Frankie Wainman, 220 Will Hunter, 445 Nigel Green and Ministox graduate 20 Liam Gilbank. Watch out for some drivers also trying to secure their place in the 2019 National Points Shootout with numerous drivers able to reach the top 12 in the table to be able to fight for the silver roof later in the season.

It wouldnít be European weekend without a Dutch invasion! Long time shale racer H229 Tjalle Greidanus, H880 Niels Tesselaar, H61 Koen Maris, H79 Lourenz de Vries and H525 Nigel de Kock are all booked in at the time of writing and they arenít afraid to get stuck in - they are ones to watch! Of course we canít mention a Dutch invasion without remembering our long time colleague and BriSCA commentator who kept the relationship between the UK and Mainland alive for many years alongside too many other things to list: Bev Greenhalf will be remembered as both BriSCA F1 and BriSCA F2 race for the Internations Bev Greenhalf Trophy.

BriSCA F2 wise it has been a fantastic season of racing so far on the new shale surface - which the formula have taken well to - with Final wins for 38 Dave Polley, 606 Andrew Palmer and 59 Lee Dimmick. Northern based 788 Steve Mallinson currently holds the title, will he be able to keep it? A strong challenge from the Mainland is led by ex World Champ H124 Wim Peeters and H186 Ricardo Smidt - with plenty of other entries in the mix- or will it be a UK based driver who crosses the line first? World Champion, 7 Gordon Moodie leads the UK charge but anything can happen with

Look out for a range of Trade Stands around the Stadium as well as Licensed Bars and Catering outlets to keep you fuelled and hydrated.

Spedeworth/Incarace Motorsports proudly presents the 2019 BriSCA European Championship Weekend on Sat 27th & Sun 28th July at Northampton Shaleway. See you there for the social weekender!

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Booking List

Booking list as 23/07/2019, 4.45pm

BriSCA F1 Stock Cars - 60 cars

4 Daniel Johnson
11 Neil Scriven
12 Michael Scriven
16 Matt Newson
20 Liam Gilbank
21 Mark Gilbank
25 Bradley Harrison
H27 Rutger Valk
37 Chris Cowley
45 Nigel Harrhy
H61 Koen Maris
H79 Lourenz de Vries
83 Darren Clark
84 Tom Harris
93 Sam Makim
101 Tristan Jackson
124 Kyle Gray
127 Austin Moore
136 Rob Jacklin
137 Sam Jacklin
H161 Tom Maris
166 Bobby Griffin
169 Billy Johnson
175 Karl Hawkins
183 Steve Whittle
211 Phoebe Wainman
212 Danny Wainman
215 Geoff Nickolls
216 Jack France
217 Lee Fairhurst
220 William Hunter
H229 Tjalle Greidanus
244 Mick Rogers
259 Paul Hines
268 Richard Woods
275 Terry Hawkins
276 Mark Poole
280 Colin Nairn
307 Tim Warwick
313 Karl Roberts
326 Mark Sargent
335 Mark Woodhull
337 Dave Willis
345 Jake Harrhy
346 Ashley England
348 John Wright
415 Russell Cooper
463 James Morris
483 Wayne Marshall
495 Richard Howarth
497 Carl Dugdale
501 George Elwell
515 Frankie Wainman Jnr
H525 Nigel de Kock
526 Finn Sargent
533 Callum Oakes-Kitson
555 Frankie Wainman Jnr Jnr
575 Yoren Winands
H618 Wijbe de Vries
H880 Niels Tesselaar

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars - 71 cars

7 Gordon Moodie
12 Daniel Ford
H12 Bart Verhoef
13 Andy Ford
26 Gary Ford
34 Ben Woodhall
53 Phillip Mann
55 Courtney Finnikin
57 Scott Bodilly
59 Lee Dimmick
H62 Robin Roos
69 Ben Chalkley
73 Dale Bennet
78 Henry King
88 Stefan Miller
90 Jamie Collins
101 Kelvyn Marshall
H103 Chris van der Elst
124 Oliver Skeels
H124 Wim Peeters
H126 Sjoerd Kranenburg
H129 Michael Schutter
130 Emma Ford
131 Gary Leech
142 Jonathan Hadfield
H159 Marcel Simons
182 Jack White
183 Charlie Guinchard
184 Aaron Vaight
H186 Ricardo Smidt
H191 Fransie Burhenne
209 Kevin Cope
212 Jack Hall
219 Chris Mitchell
H229 Tjalle Greidanus
233 Rob Aldridge
282 Anthony Riley
298 Jake Walker
H305 Ron van Wamalen
324 Jordon Thackra
H335 Rick De Graaff
344 Luke Woodhull
377 Daz Shaw
394 Liam Aspin
413 Richard Rayner
441 Micky Branston
449 Mark Dorrill
478 Simon Traves
H512 Guus Hermkes
560 Luke Wrench
606 Andrew Palmer
608 Keith Minshall
618 Ben Lockwood
647 Chris Burgoyne
674 Steven Burgoyne
715 Scott Aldridge
724 Tom Pell
728 Carl Pilkington
735 Mick Haworth
768 Jack Thompson
770 James Lamb
788 Stephen Mallinson
801 Jack Cave
828 Julian Coombes
905 Rob Mitchell
941 Jamie Lane
968 Micky Brennan
977 Dave Massey
981 Ian Bailey
987 Sam Brigg
995 Michael Lund

NB: While we take all possible care in compiling this list we cannot be held responsible for the non-appearance of an individual driver!


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