Birmingham - 16/11/2019 @ 5pm

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Admission Prices are as follows : (Cash & Card at the turnstiles)

General Admission£20.00
Concession : (65yr’s & over) £18.00
Concession : Children (11-14yrs) £8.00
Concession : Children (10yrs & under) FREE

BriSCA F1 Stock Cars

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

National Ministox


BriSCA Gala Night!!

The 2019 season ends this coming Saturday at Birmingham Wheels with the now hugely acclaimed ‘Gala Night’ for the premier BriSCA race divisions.

BriSCA F1 and F2 Stock Car Racing plus the National Ministox in great end of season Championship action, an unmissable evening to bring the curtain down on what has been a great season – and a night for a few old scores to be settled, some full contact action . Definately not to be missed!

It was originated as a ‘fun’ end of season event several years ago, providing an opportunity for drivers to swop cars, try cars out and basically with the main thrust of the season over, have a great and entertaining au revoir to the season. Importantly is was designed for the benefit of the sport with funds raised being ring fenced for the benefit of the sport,

However, year on year it’s grown in stature and become a hugely important fixture on the calendar and that ‘last fix’ before the light’s are turned off until next Match.

The loud and proud BriSCA F1’S are always awesome around ‘Wheels’ and big grids of cars and an unusual mix of drivers old and new adds to the intrigue and interest.

However, in recent years, the inclusion of the UNDER 25’s Championship has been a huge attraction. The race was the inspiration of the late and hugely respected Dave Leonard who worked tirelessly to gate fans and sponsors to back this race which originally was first staged at Belle Vue and grew in stature every year.

Sadly, and far too early, a couple of years ago, Dave passed away, taken from us far too early however such was the esteem for Dave and the race, his many friends came together to ensure it continued and the last two years have seen record amounts raised to support the drivers. This now is a firm and popular Championship, now copied in Mainland Europe! Last years winner was Lee Fairhurst who is currently at the elite level of the sport. This race opens the F1 element of the meeting followed by four other races climaxing with the Gala Night Final.

The addition of BriSCA F2 to this event just seemed to energise it and has typically attracted one of the highest car counts of the year a must do event with drivers from as far afield as Scotland to the South West in action. At the time of writing once again a huge entry is listed.
The re arranged titled event, the 2019 Grand National Championship opens the meeting followed by a last chance qualifier for the Gala Night championship which again, has developed to full championship status and with it’s own unique ‘roof colour’
World Champion Gordon Moodie heads a star studded entry.

The National Ministox – the stars of the future, have introduced their own National Series Championship, replicated from BriSCA F1 and F2 and Saturday sees the ‘Finale’ of this series which the youngsters have in recent weeks been battling around the country to be the elite and wear the Silver roof in 2020.

So high has interest been in this years unique Gala Night spectacular, car numbers have had to be capped to a mere 160 – just to physically fit everyone in!

For full contact BriSCA Stock Car Racing, Birmingham Wheels reliably produces amongst the best tarmac action in the UK.

The closing weeks of season 2019 have left the sport simply ‘wanting more’ – what better way to say au revoir until next year and enjoy a final night of stock car racing with a difference with friends. Wrap up well and come on down and see some strange names in different cars!

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Booking List

Booking list as 15/11/2019, 12.30pm

BriSCA F1 Stock Cars - 58 cars

8 Catherine Harris
20 Liam Gilbank
25 Bradley Harrison
26 Hayley Williams-Hawkins
68 Ben Lockwood
70 Aaron Leach
101 Tristan Jackson
103 Richard Masterson
120 Casey Englestone
121 Oliver Skeels
124 Kyle Gray
127 Austin Moore
128 Simon Binder
131 Kevin Stutchbury
143 Martin Bamford
147 Edward Collins
166 Bobby Griffin
172 Michael Randell
175 Karl Hawkins
181 Lyndon Rushby
183 Steve Whittle
195 Dean Whitwell
202 Henry Hunter
209 Scott Wagstaff
211 Phoebe Wainman
222 Guy Jolly
223 Garry Townsend
224 Mark Gray
H248 Mike Ronitz
283 Alex Wass
286 Derek Wass
296 Dan Poole
325 Richard Davies
339 Ant Lee
345 Jake Harrhy
346 Ashley England
356 George Boult
359 Matt Abdy
H410 Jelle Tesselaar
412 George Crabtree
416 Dave Muckian
422 Ben Riley
423 Gary Jackson
431 Ian Bond
433 Tom Sanders
447 David Hopkins
453 Ryan Wright
456 Jim McGarry
477 Max Hertzog
492 Ashleigh Wareham
497 Carl Dugdale
508 Alex Strachan
524 Jason Cull
H525 Nigel de Kock
526 Finlay Sargent
534 Joe Walker
536 Ben Barnicoat
555 Frankie Wainman Jnr Jnr

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars - 70 cars

7 Gordon Moodie
9 Harley Thackra
11 Jack Bradburn
22 Jason Clarke
24 Jon Palmer
33 Ross Leach
41 Dennis Middler
52 Chloe Pegg
53 Phillip Mann
57 Scott Bodilly
91 Harrison Bryant
D92 Peter Baer
96 Jacob Ingamells
118 Joshua Toll
126 Jamie Avery
130 Emma Ford
137 Russell Chadwick
147 Aiden Derry
151 Thomas Chadwick
183 Charlie Guinchard
184 Aaron Vaight
190 Ben Germany
191 Colin Stewart
212 Jack Hall
218 Rob Speak
222 Adrian Watts
239 Michael Johnston
242 Michael Heath
251 Craig Driscoll
267 Shane Geary
282 Anthony Riley
287 Luke Beeson
297 Paul Bailey
318 Leyton O'Reilly
320 Matthew Hatch
321 Marcus Skeels
323 Chris Gates
376 Darren Seneschall
387 Jason Mcdonald
390 Jessica Smith
411 Reece Winch
450 William Adams
460 Matt Weston
478 Simon Traves
517 Harley Cornock
527 James Riggall
533 John Whittaker
538 Chevy Mills
542 Steven Gilbert
560 Luke Wrench
571 Darren Clarke
606 Andrew Palmer
613 Ian Serpell
700 Adam Rubery
746 Gary Kitching
747 Bradley McKinstry
761 Richard Bowyer
801 Jack Cave
817 Timothy Bailey
828 Julian Coombes
844 Jack Prosser
852 Adam Blacklock
854 Robbie Dawson
881 Jamie Ward
888 Matthew Lloyd
903 Ben Spence
915 Jamie Jones
969 Bart Smeets
976 Daniel Kent
979 Paul Moss

National Ministox - 40 cars

1 Lewis Evans
27 Luke Syrett-Barsby
29 Gracie Squire
45 Lewis Spiers
51 Joelan Maynard
64 Samuel Critchley
67 Henry Robson
68 Callum Thornton
69 Joshua Hattersley
77 Thomas Earl
84 Ryan Taylor
85 Caiden Morrison
88 James Owen
92 Ellie-May Squire
110 Evan Bullock
112 Thomas Armstrong
120 Finnigan Hunter-Johnson
171 Thomas Dunne
180 Jack Witts
211 Tom Birchenough
212 Oliver Armstrong
222 Jordan Wright
223 Toby Partridge
233 Tilly Partridge
234 Ellis Taylor
239 Lewis Smith
246 Jenson Brickley
277 Thomas Rogers
279 Paige Hopkins
287 Amelia Wilkinson
290 Charley Tomblin
293 Elexie Bartram
299 Harley Burns
311 Jake Bointon
335 Jake Woodhull
361 Lucy Shaw
381 Tyrone Evans
391 Rebecca Smith
414 Harrison Careless-Veale
475 Leah Sealy

NB: While we take all possible care in compiling this list we cannot be held responsible for the non-appearance of an individual driver!


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- 16/ 11 - 5pm -
Gala Night

BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
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BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

National Ministox
Protech Challenge Final
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- 16/ 11 - 5pm -
2019 World Championship

sponsored by Whip St. Motors

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- 17/ 11 - 1pm -
National Bangers
Micro Mayhem Series
Grand Final

ORCi Ministox

UK Barn Finds Historic Stock Cars

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- 23/ 11 - 5pm -
2019 Season Finale

National Bangers
Champion Of Champions

Junior Bangers
Incarace points scoring meeting


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- 1/ 12 - 1pm -
2019 Season Finale

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