Hednesford - Fri 12th - Sun 14th August - 2pm/1pm/1pm

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Advanced Tickets Are Now Closed.

Weekend admission prices (including Friday) at the turnstiles are as follows:-

General Admission : 15yrs & over50.00
Concession : 65yrs & over46.00
Concession : Children 5-14yrs
Under 5yrs go free
Family Ticket : 2 Adults & 3 Children120.00
CaravansSOLD OUT

Sunday Only admission prices at the turnstiles are as follows:-

General Admission : 15yrs & over30.00
Concession : 65yrs & over28.00
Concession : Children 5-14yrs
Under 5yrs go free
Family Ticket : 2 Adults & 3 Children70.00

National Weekend Early Arrival News

Will all drivers and spectators planning an early arrival to the National Weekend on Thursday please note the following strict rules.

As you are aware there is no entry into the actual Stadium until 9am on Friday morning, but we do allow queuing from Thursday evening.

Firstly, there will be absolutely NO admission to the outer Common Area at the raceway until 4pm on Thursday afternoon.

Despite similar announcements in previous years, we still had drivers arriving as early as 9am on Thursday morning and parked up on the approach road by the school. This is not acceptable and caused problems not only for us in terms of general vehicle access for deliveries during Thursday, but complaints from residents to Cannock Council that does us no favours at all.

We would suggest that drivers travelling a fair distance will need to park up on the local Motorway services rather than coming close to the raceway before 4pm.

We are placing security on the crossroads at the start of the approach road so if any vehicles appear before 4pm on Thursday afternoon, they will be turned away from the site you will not be allowed to park up on the adjacent roads around the entrance as this will just cause an additional headache.

Please note that any competitors or team personnel giving security a tough time at this point will mean that you are seriously risking your place at the National Weekend as you may well be told to go home.

At 4pm the approach road will be opened and vehicles will be allowed to form up on the outer common outside the Main Gate area. We are not allowed to queue vehicles around the outer perimeter road towards the Pit Gate entrance due to a fire risk.

You will be parked specifically on the Common Area so that we can control the order of vehicles. To avoid further arguments, vehicles queuing overnight will be allocated an arrival number and will be stickered accordingly. This will be the order that you will be allowed to enter the stadium on Friday morning.

The area will be Stewarded overnight.

You can sleep in your vehicles, but you are not allowed to pitch any tents on the Common.
Please keep the area free from litter take it with you and please use the Portaloo toilets provided. There must be no fires or barbeques.
Please note any personnel, drivers or otherwise causing problems will be risking their National Weekend.

Vehicles arriving after 8am on Friday morning will be queued direct to the Pit Gate as we are allowed to queue like any other meeting from that time onwards.

This may seem unfair to those that have arrived overnight, but we do not have any other option in order to allow enough time to get all vehicles in and ready for practice at 2pm.

Drivers should perhaps consider that the ideal time to arrive will be on Friday morning as you may well gain a quicker entry.

Once again, the 'overnighters' on the Common MUST conduct themselves in a respectful manner - POSTIVELY NO FIRES OR BARBECUES and you must keep any noise down to a minimum. Please do not use the Common as a toilet; use your own portable toilets or the ones provided and please do not empty your chemical toilet on the grounds this will, without doubt result in removal from the stadium.

Let's get the 2022 National Weekend off to a great start by being sensible overnight without giving anyone a reason to stop this early arrival agreement for next year.

Thank you.

Lightning Rods

National Hot Rods

Stock Rods



Booking List

Booking list as 10/08/2022, 4.30pm

National Hot Rods - 42 cars

4 Nigel McCauley
10 Pauric McQuaid
17 Robert McDonald
20 Derek Martin
22 Lance Bowen
23 Aaron Dew
27 Mikey Godfrey
43 Peter Elliott
54 Adam Hylands
55 Alistair Lowe
57 Barry Limer
70 Shane Murray
71 Gordon Alexander
75 Carl Sloan
76 Adam Maxwell
92 Jack Blood
105 Karl Baker
115 Chris Haird
130 Andrew Lane
136 Ivan Grayson
142 James Mooney
174 Jason Kew
175 Hayden Ballard
196 Joey Palmer
265 Barry Stephen
292 Leslie Lynch
305 Billy Wood
330 Ross McWilliam
343 Philip McCloy
524 Perry Cooke
629 John Sibbald
677 Chris Roots
743 Paul Wright
761 Brendan O'Connell
777 Les Compelli
925 Jeff Riordan
937 Ben McKee
943 David McKay
944 Derek McMillan
962 John Christie
966 Thomas Dilly
970 Shane Murphy

Lightning Rods - 26 cars

29 Mark Collins
45 Anthony Crowshaw
60 Tim Crew
82 Lee Dawson
88 Jamie Pidgeon
121 Michael Moloney
122 Richard Norman
160 Max Goodier
192 Bill Daily
230 Aaron Tweed
294 Patrick O'Sullivan
337 Ashley Birkin
339 Ben Furness
346 Andy Brown
381 Brian Twinn
411 Richard Warner
424 Jerry Walsh
442 Tyler Ivins
526 Paul Strawson
630 Noel Hadden
730 Mike Daniels
911 Dean Catherwood
913 Ricky Shaw
916 Mark Corry
926 David Hearst
942 Stuart Agnew

Stock Rods - 35 cars

7 Jonathan Gillespie
17 Gary Kelly
23 Marc Morrell
25 Siobhan Martin
39 Andy Ireland
46 Garry Lusher
47 Jonathan Cardwell
56 Paddy O'Dwyer
60 Daniel Rea
62 Michael Rodgers
70 Becca Dance
97 Jack Bradburn
110 Kevin Wareham
117 Jon Dunn
168 Andy Sturt
197 Max Bradburn
212 John Smith
216 George Baker
232 Brett Sneddon
243 Michael Scanlan
248 David Crighton
250 Dan Shannon
257 Ashley Brown
258 Wilf Bridges
313 Jamie Bowring
319 Chris Woods
447 Stuart Smyth
605 John Bremner
617 Phillip Heery
653 Gemma Rainer
658 Chris Latkka
698 Mark Crawford
911 Shane McMillan
957 Joe Largery
974 Lee Clark

Superstox - 38 cars

5 Eric Walker
43 Joep Brouwers
51 Colin Aylward
54 Harry Sturt
77 Nick Roots
87 Jack West
119 Aaron Riddell
123 Dave Miles Snr
124 Cain Silk
154 Michael Green
211 William Cole
252 Gary Chisholm
268 Daniel Santry
279 Phil Proctor
354 Jake Sturt
419 Chris Capon
446 Dean Johnston
469 Bradley Brooker
482 Jason Cooper
492 Randal Lynn
510 Tommy Aylward
511 Martyn Coles
515 Jordan Aylward
532 Bobby Davis Jnr
566 Declan Salmon
591 Reid Murray
636 Lee Skoyles
713 Ian Beaumont
886 Chris Bradbury
903 Alan Hough
907 Jamie McCann
914 Lee Davison
918 David McMeneny
922 Curtis Greer
925 Craig McConnell
933 Steve Haugh
944 Jordan Robinson
980 Neil Hyndman

NB: While we take all possible care in compiling this list we cannot be held responsible for the non-appearance of an individual driver!


Coming Events
- 10/ 8 - 7.30pm
Cash or Card Meeting

Classic Hot Rods
Southern Championship

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- 11/ 8 - 7.30pm
Caravan Figure of 8 Destruction Derby

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National Ministox
Reach for the Stars

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- 12/ 8 - 2pm
National Championship

National Hot Rods

Lightning Rods

Stock Rods
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Friday - Practice:- 2pm
Saturday - Qualifying:- 1pm
Sunday - Championships:- 1pm

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- 13/ 8 - 5pm
The Unlimited Bears Bash

National Bangers

Junior Bangers

Rookie Rods
Southern Shootout Series Round

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- 14/ 8 - 5pm
Back To Basics
(Ladies Only)

BriSCA V8 Stock Cars
1 car, 2 Surfaces Championship

Mondeo Rods

Super Rods

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