Points & Grades

Download the latest points sheets from below, or link to the points page for the formula's official site.

Formula Description Updated  
2.0 Hot Rod 2.0 Hot Rod Hoosier Tire Series Rnd 7 5/11/2020 Download
BriSCA F2 Stock Cars 2018 W & Y Points 04/09/2018 Download
BriSCA F2 Stock Cars 2019 Track Championship Points After 16th June 19/06/2019 Download
National Bangers 2019/20 World Qualifying Points END 23/09/2020 Download
National Bangers British Qualifying Mildenhall Points After 29th June 23/07/2019 Download
National Bangers 2019/20 National Bangers Track/Series Procedure 31/01/2020 Download
National Bangers 2019/20 National Bangers World Qualifying Procedure 31/01/2020 Download
National Bangers Micro Mayhem Points After 31st August 04/09/2019 Download
National Bangers Rear-Wheel Drive Mildenhall Points After 12th October 23/10/2019 Download
National Bangers 2019 Mildenhall Track C/ship Points as 24th August 29/08/2019 Download
National Bangers 2019/20 Entertainers League Points END 23/09/2020 Download
National Saloon Stock Cars Mildenhall Track Points After 7th March 11/03/2020 Download
National Saloon Stockcars White & Yellow Points After 7th March 11/03/2020 Download
Reliant Robins - National 2019 Points as 03/11/2019 06/11/2019 Download


Points are awarded per race as follows :

Heats, Cons or GN :
1st Place - 8pts
2nd Place - 7pts
3rd Place - 6pts
4th Place - 5pts
5th Place - 4pts
6th Place - 3pts
7th Place - 2pts
8th Place - 1pt

1st Place - 16pts
2nd Place - 14pts
3rd Place - 12pts
4th Place - 10pts
5th Place - 8pts
6th Place - 6pts
7th Place - 4pts
8th Place - 3pts
9th Place - 2pts
10th Place - 1pt

Points are scored in ALL RACES, irrespective of starting positions, grades etc, including Championship races that may well be started with the highest point scorers at the front of the grid.

Grading Periods

Wherever possible, for Monthly graded formulas, points run to the last day of each month and come into force on the first day of each month.

Points for any meetings run between the last Saturday in the month and the first Saturday of the following month, will count for the next points chart.

There are some formulas that are graded after each meeting and as such, their points charts will be upgraded as soon as possible after each meeting.

Roof Grading

Where grades are applicable, these will be calculated on points scored, with a careful eye being kept on a drivers previous racing history.

You should ensure that you car is marked appropriately with you current grade as per your formula rules. If these are not marked correctly on your car, then you will be made to start at the back of the grid.

If you are a Superstar, then you may fit flashing orange lights to the front visor of your car.

Remember also that if you win a heat race during a meeting, you MUST start at the back of your grade for the remainder of the meeting. If you fail to do so, then you will be docked 2 places for every car that you have started ahead of. We will try to remind you when you are on the grid, but ultimately, it is the drivers' responsibility, so don't blame the track staff if both you and they forget!

If you are lucky enough to win two races in one meeting, then you are automatically upgraded to the next grade up for the remainder of that grading period. This replaces the old "40 point rule", which now no longer exists.

The Points charts for 2.0 Hot Rods, Stock Rods, Lightning Rods and National Bangers will run from WORLD FINAL to WORLD FINAL, i.e they will be zeroed at the World Final and then start again. All other formulas will run for the calendar year from 1st Jan to 31st December.

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