2018 Spedeweekend Tickets On Sale Now - Added 13/04/2018

The 2018 Spedeweekend advanced tickets are on sale now!

This year there will be two ways to purchase your advanced tickets:-

Option 1:- You can order your tickets online and choose to have them either sent to you in the post or collect them from the stadium on the day of the event. Please use the link below to be re-directed to the online shop.

Option 2:- Tickets can be purchased by calling us on 01252 322920 and providing your details over the phone. Office hours are Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Advanced 2 Day Ticket Admission Prices:-

General Admission : 15yrs & over (£35 each per day at the turnstiles)£50.00
Concession : 65yr’s & over (£32 each per day at the turnstiles)£44.00
Concession : Children 5-14yrs (£20 each per day at the turnstiles)£26.00
Family Ticket : 2 Adults & 3 Children (£100 each per day at the turnstiles)£135.00

Advanced 1 Day Only (Saturday or Sunday) Ticket Admission Prices:-

General Admission : 15yrs & over (£35 each per day at the turnstiles)£30.00
Concession : 65yr’s & over (£32 each per day at the turnstiles)£27.00
Concession : Children 5-14yrs (£20 each per day at the turnstiles)£16.00
Family Ticket : 2 Adults & 3 Children (£100 each per day at the turnstiles)£80.00

Car parking will be £2 per day and is payable on arrival at Foxhall Heath Stadium.

Advanced Tickets are available until Thursday 5th July at 4pm. Please Note:- There will be no tickets available to purchase at Foxhall Heath Stadium, Ipswich on Friday 6th July.

We look forward to seeing all drivers, spectators and staff at the 2018 Spedeweekend in the sunshine at the home of the National Hot Rod World Final!

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The demand for the souvenir programme for the return of BriSCA F1 Stock Car and the BriSCA F2 British Championship far exceeded expectations and our sincere apologies for that.

All is not lost however as there are some of these programmes available from stock for the Birmingham meeting on the same day.

If you would like to purchase one of these programmes, please ring 0121 357 7328 to arrange and they will be despatched by post. The cost will be £2.50 including postage to any UK address payable by card at the time of ordering.

Once again, apologies for any inconvenience.


The 2018 BriSCA F2 British Championship takes place at Mildenhall Stadium this Saturday, 7th April 2018 at 5pm. This meeting also sees the return of the BriSCA F1's.

Bookings for the British have exceeded our original thoughts, but we are pleased to announce that we have been able to accommodate all requested bookings.

The drivers listed below have been accepted for this meeting, which does include several drivers that were on a reserve list.

Following a hectic Easter weekend, if any driver is unable to honour their booking we request that you cancel as soon as possible. You may ring 01252 322 920 during office hours or click the link below.

With the unique format of three qualifying heats for each and every driver it is imperative that the drivers list is accurate in order for us to prepare the heat splits in advance of the meeting.

The heat splits will be published on Friday 6th April.

Please note that no additional drivers will be taken on the day.

The format will be three heats per driver (total number of heats will be dependent upon total cars booked). The heat splits will be pre-published and the swapping of heats will not be allowed, irrespective of a drivers inability to grid for the heat allocated.

The point scoring system for the heats for the 1st 15 drivers will be as follows :


The top 30 qualifiers based on heat points will going through to the British Championship, with the highest point scorer(s) at the front of the grid, irrespective of grade.

There will be a draw for any tied points across the front three rows, beyond which a random draw will decide the position.

These are the drivers currently booked to race

113 Pat Issit
131 Gary Leech
212 Jack Hall
229 Tjalle Greidanis
230 Willy Schut
233 Rob Aldridge
247 Richard Brown
276 Chris Sutton
282 Anthony Riley
324 Jordon Thackra
344 Luke Woodhull
413 Richard Rayner
414 Josh Rayner
431 Andy Gibbs
630 Justin Parker
664 Martin Brown
706 Brent Russell
715 Scott Aldridge
724 Tom Pell
746 Gary Kitching
770 James Lamb
784 Tom Roberts
894 Tom Bradley
941 Jamie Lane
987 Sam Brigg

12 Daniel Ford
12 Bart Verhoef
13 Gary Ford
55 Courtney Finnikin
78 Henry King
81 Mark Clayton
103 Chris van der Elst
132 Daniel Birkin
136 Kyle Taylor
277 Billy Banwell
305 Ron van Wamalen
306 Dan Wrennall
321 Marcus Skeels
441 Micky Branston
501 Nick de Boorder
613 Ian Serpell
735 Mick Haworth
799 Ad Kamps

4 Martin Ford
10 Jelle Tesselaar
103 Carl Issitt
111 Lewis Geach
142 Jonathan Hadfield
159 Marcel Simons
186 Ricardo Smidt
259 Simon Farrington
290 Jay Tomkins
318 Leyton O'Reilly
449 Mark Dorrill
464 Matt Linfield
550 Lars Verstappen
728 Carl Pilkington

30 Toon Schut
100 George MacMillan
101 Kelvyn Marshall
124 Oliver Skeels
127 Matt Stoneman
184 Aaron Vaight
225 Tony Blackburn
226 Billy Webster
231 Daniel van Spijker
298 Jake Walker
377 Daz Shaw
503 Jordan Murray
560 Luke Wrench
581 Daniel Fallows
615 Josh Coleman
682 Jason Cooper
700 Adam Rubery
761 Richard Bowyer
783 James Rygor
788 Stephen Mallinson
823 Sam Wagner
871 Mark Simpson
905 Rob Mitchell
995 Michael Lund

16 Craig Wallace
136 Rick Lenssen
381 David Polley
527 James Riggall
647 Chris Burgoyne

7 Gordon Moodie

124 Wim Peeters

Once again, if you are unable to attend, please cancel as requested by cicking the link below.

Click here to cancel your booking

Mildenhall 7th April 2018 – Early Start - Added 27/03/2018

On Saturday 7th April the BriSCA F1 Stock Cars return to Mildenhall Stadium and to add even more action to the event we welcome the BriSCA F2 Stock Cars for their British Championship.

We would like to make everyone aware that due to the anticipated number of races we may have to run the start time will now be 5pm!

The meeting schedule and booking lists will be announced in due course.

See you there!

Mildenhall 30th March 2018 – Early Start - Added 22/03/2018

On Friday 30th March the 2018 the annual Good Friday event is back and we would like to make everyone aware that due to the fantastic number of cars booked-in to race the start time will now be 1.30pm!

The event will still feature the National Bangers Good Friday Teams event, ORCi Ministox and Reliant Robins!

The meeting format and booking lists will be announced in due course.

See you there!

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