Raceceivers News - Added 12/01/2018

After many discussions and so many drivers asking if raceceivers can be used within their respective formulas it has being decided to try the raceceiver system during the 2018 season with the 2.0 Hot Rods and Stock Rods.

Spedeworth / Incarace will be looking to operate the raceceiver system at every meeting providing the system is available to see if it helps reduce the amount of damage etc and provide better racing for both drivers and spectators to enjoy.

You can purchase your raceceiver via Spedeworth Fabrications by calling 01252 322934. The price of the raceceiver is £95 inc. VAT.

Any other formulas who would be interested in using the raceceiver system please use the link below and complete the enquiry form.

Thank you.

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2018 National Banger Fixtures - Added 11/01/2018

Spedeworth / Incarace / Mildenhall are pleased to announce that the 2018 National Banger fixtures are ready for release and can be found via the link below. Included within the file are the world qualifying procedures for the Spedeworth & Incarace registered drivers.

The full fixtures will begin to be released for all formulas from next Monday 15th January 2018 so please check the websites for the fixtures as they go live!

Click Here To View The Fixtures

Historic Stock Car Rule Update - Added 11/01/2018

Spedeworth / Incarace would like to make all Historic Stock Car drivers aware of the following rule changes:-

• All cars must have a window net fitted to the drivers door window aperture. The window net must be from the ‘B’ post to the middle of the steering wheel as a minimum requirement.
• Roll Cage:- Rear support bars are now compulsory. If no leaning cross you will need two rear roll cage supports (Fig 1). If you have a leaning cross in the rear of the roll cage you only need one offside rear roll cage support (Fig 2.).

(Please see the attached file for diagrams of the above roll cage rule update.)

These rules come into effect immediately (Thursday 11th January 2018).

We apologise for the short notice of these immediate rule changes but these rules have to come into effect to conform with all other Stock Car ORCi regulations.

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CIVIL WAR NEWS - Added 04/01/2018

Northern Tank Comrades Mike Plant (154) and Ben Green (634) have been withdrawn from the Unlimited Army reports Northern General Stu Kearsley.

War papers have immediately been served on Lee Kopacz (133) and Howard Walker (874) who will now join the ranks of the Northern Tank Division.

Southern General Paul Adams has been busy too and can now confirm the final two places in the Southern Tank Division. Ben Key (330) and 383 Rory Adams complete the Southern team and all efforts will now be turned towards ‘Battle Strategy’

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Army Generals Stu Kearsley (THE NORTH) and Paul Adams (THE SOUTH) have been working tirelessly over the Christmas break and have now completed their mission to assemble their strongest line up of troops for many years to compete in the superb National Banger Civil War, North versus South Team event.

The Battle date is Sunday 14th January 2018 in the confines of the Battlefields of Hednesford Hills Raceway, with the first encounter scheduled to commence at 1pm.

The Generals have once again been very secretive of the details of the troops, but they have finally today agreed for these to be made public, for all to see.

THE NORTHERN ARMY is the mastermind of General Stu Kearsley supported extremely well with the individual Army Captains, namely Capt Billy Bond (72) in the Light Brigade, Capt Dale Locker (299) for the Infantry and Tommy West (171) will be keeping the tanks in order.

So the Northern Army Line up is as follows :

The Light Brigade
4 Michael Croft
21 Gav Robinson
22 Elliott Dowds
25 Matt Black
25 Joe Parsons
43 Nicky Bishop
55 Tam Melrose
60 Dan Croskell
72 Billy Bond
93 Mike Stephenson
104 Ellis Hopkins
159 Callum Campbell
164 Gary Shaw
169 James Rushton
182 Ross Stewart
246 Dylan Ward
274 Leo Bond
303 Scott Dale
310 Jon Nicolson
338 Terry Garrod
355 Martin Mullins
410 Jake Calvert
429 Joey Stav
466 Dalton Steele
470 Kenny Stephenson
478 Craig Royal
539 Jeff Harley
540 Tom Metcalfe
685 Daniel Wilkinson
759 Chris Oldcorn

The Infantry
16 Jamie Hopkins
16 Ryan Shuttleworth
47 Daniel Wright
73 Dean Cruickshank
100 Callum White
129 Jono Brooke
132 Chris Cullum
136 Ben Gateskell
140 Josh Judd
146 Phil Flannery
164 Jake Henstock
181 Grant doe
198 Tommy Dawes
203 Russ Mcbain
275 Joe Morgan
299 Dale Locker
366 Nathan Wren
374 Chris Collings
399 Jonny Atkin
478 Chris Spiers
542 James Barham
687 Mark Cross
797 George Plant
950 Scott Gamble
999 Scott Hill

The Tanks
14 Joe Persico
21 Gav Robinson
109 Leon Barton
154 Mike Plant
171 Tommy West
200 Steven Noon
216 Vince Walmsley
252 Gareth Griffiths
281 Brad Challender
282 Ant Riley
305 John Kirkbride
318 Wilf Speak
342 Riley Freestone
410 Jake Calvert
440 Peter McVay
456 Steve Allen
466 Dalton Steele
478 Chris Spiers
591 Marc Blower
634 Ben Green

THE SOUTHERN ARMY has been crafted by General Paul Adams supported by his hard working Army Captains, namely Capt Kieran Fry (321) in the Light Brigade, Capt Adam Hitchcock (74) for the Infantry and Capt Steve ‘Cecil’ Anscombe (194) in the Tank Division.

The Southern Team is declared as follows, which shows two final Tank places to be decided; Captain Anscombe and General Adams are still in deep discussions here as to who will be handed the final places.

The Light Brigade
25 Reece Priestley
28 Craig Cooper
40 Lee Kingsnorth
43 Luke Maynard
57 Georgie Bolt
84 Jack Bleach
106 Darren Terry
113 Stuart Beevis
135 Jamie Batchelor
198 Brandon Osborne
242 Rick Korpiella
271 James Vovkins
305 Alfie Cornish
321 Kieran Fry
326 Edward Kennett
329 Wayne Wigley
374 Josh Vowden
400 George Kelly
405 Shane Tilley
413 Aidan Christle
442 Ricky Deans
583 Dan Weeks
597 Shane Lines
622 Stuart Davies
678 Steven Lillywhite
741 Stephen Penfold
747 Bradley Dee
787 Marc Key
821 Jamie Rogers
921 Jack Aldridge

The Infantry
22 Ash Ridges
45 Anthony Crowshaw
61 Darryl Theedom
74 Adam Hitchcock
183 Simon Goodwin
199 Tom Pearce
202 Matt Butlin
205 Alex Ganter
230 Kieran Genge
239 Steve Carter
275 Jonny Tomlinson
278 Shaun Brokenshire
333 Craif Partridge
349 Lewis Price
372 Jay Matthews
451 Nigel Belfield
530 Seymour Tucker
551 Karl Douglas
612 Dan Loades
623 Ricky Hutton
661 Danny Read
662 Jamie Harding
720 Kenny Gabriel
917 Andrew Tew
961 Kev Loarding

The Tanks
94 Jack Anscombe
114 Liam Lake
194 Steve Anscombe
241 Liam Cracknell
246 Aston Burt
252 Steve Bugler
257 Timmy Aldridge
331 Jason Jackson
333 Charles Randell
349 Lewis Price
364 Nathan Olden
415 Scott Cornish
440 Macauley Mills
632 Callum Reed
760 Joey Reynolds
878 Joe Prior
883 Jack Filmer
884 Tom Filmer

All details are correct as at Tuesday. 2nd January 2018 – 6pm

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