Aldershot 12th July – Race Update - Added 10/07/2020

Firstly, I Deane Wood would like to thank every driver and mechanic that has supported us for this event to help keep our stadiums open. Therefore, as a sign of respect to you all I am putting on two wild card races. One for the Unlimited National Bangers and one for the Bangers this coming Sunday. This will be to the winner of each formula’s final providing the 2020 World Championships can be run. I’m afraid to say these will not carry over to 2021. Once again, enjoy your day with us, keep safe and please make sure you continue to read the details below.

Secondly, Spedeworth / Incarace would like to make all drivers who are competing at Aldershot Raceway on Sunday 12th July aware of the following racing rules. PLEASE NOTE, a second announcement will be published later today to include the events running order, timings plus terms and conditions which drivers must be aware of.

This announcement is to make drivers aware of the following in addition to the next news item: -
• Drivers please always remain in your car whilst within the race arena except in an emergency e.g. fire.
• Please ensure you have a working silencer on your car. Failure to do so will result in you not been permitted to race plus further action if necessary.
• The first heats for both formulas will be nudge and spin races only.
• All subsequent races will be run under the standard formula specific rules.
• There is NO TURNING AROUND permitted at this event.
• Please be aware that bookings for the event are now CLOSED. No further bookings are being accepted and we ask that you do NOT just turn up on the day. You WILL be turned away!
• A reminder also that NO SPECTATORS are permitted at this event.


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Caravan Figure of 8 Destruction Derby

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